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Research Focus: The Liberal Script Under Pressure

The world has experienced a series of political shocks in the last two decades despite huge economic and social achievements that range from a decreasing number of interstate wars to a delcine of absolute poverty in many parts of the world.

Through its research programme, SCRIPTS has set out to investigate the puzzle of an increasing number and and frequency of contestations of the liberal script.

SCRIPTS Research Units (RU)

Cluster Professorships

Four professorships were established with SCRIPTS funding to strengthen the SCRIPTS-related disciplines through the duration of the project and beyond. Each of these positions complements the expertise of the Principal Investigators in research fields, such as Islam in Europe, that are of increasing importance in international research. Thus, the interconnection among SCRIPTS, its affiliated universities, and participating institutions is enhanced, while also anchoring the corresponding research topics within academic scholarship.

Junior Research Groups

Two Junior Research Groups (JRG) at SCRIPTS are dedicated to help young scholars make their way to a tenured position in the longer term. Each group is headed by a postdoc leader (postdoctoral researcher) assisted by two doctoral researchers.

Theory Network

The Theory Network is a Cross-Cutting Work Unit that cuts across the four topical Research Units of Borders, Orders, (Re-)Allocation, and Temporalities to foster interdisciplinary research. The network’s overall responsibility lies in strengthening the ties between these four Research Units.

Data and Methodology Center

SCRIPTS is a research consortium that builds on the systematic collaboration of scholars from disciplines across the social sciences, area studies, and humanities. This methodological pluralism and critical reflection about data and methods is one of the features, and strengths, of SCRIPTS.