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SCRIPTS activities on Russia's invasion of Ukraine

The invasion and subsequent war of the Putin's regime in Ukraine gets to the heart of SCRIPTS research. This terrible human tragedy and violation of international law has led to a wide range of activities in the SCRIPTS Cluster of Excellence. All statements, contributions and experts can be found on this page.

Statement by SCRIPTS Researchers

This statement condemns the Putin regime's invasion of Ukraine. It was initiated by the doctoral researchers of SCRIPTS and is supported by the directors of SCRIPTS. Among the supporters are Principal Investigators, postdoctoral researchers and student assistants.

List of SCRIPTS Experts

Members of SCRIPTS cover a wide range of research areas directly related to different aspects of Russia's invasion of Ukraine. Experts for press interviews can be found here.

Roundtable | ZEITENWENDE? Russia’s Invasion of Ukraine

A special public event on the occasion of the Russian-led war in Ukraine. Seven SCRIPTS experts and fellows met at an online roundtable on 15 March 2022 to analyse the implications of this "Zeitenwende" (watershed moment) from diverse regional perspectives.

Suspension of Institutional Relationships with Russian Universities and Science Institutions

In accordance with the decisions of the Berlin universities and other Berlin science institutions and in response to Putin’s war of aggression against Ukraine, SCRIPTS suspends institutional relationships with Russian universities and science institutions. Specifically, we suspend our partnership with the Higher School of Economics as our international partner in Moscow. SCRIPTS will honour all existing arrangements with individual senior fellows, postdocs, and doctoral researchers.