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List of SCRIPTS experts on Russia's invasion of Ukraine

Prof. Dr. Katharina Bluhm

Focus areas: Russia, Russia-Ukraine conflict, Social and economic policy, Ideology (Russian world, Eurasianism, Great Russian nationalism).

Prof. Dr. Tanja A. Börzel

Focus areas (selection): European Union, EU enlargement, European policy, Institutional Structure under the Lisbon Treaty, EU Foreign Ministry

Dr. Ewa Aleksandra Dabrowska

Focus areas: Industrial and digital policy in illiberal regimes, foreign industrial policy in Eastern and East Central Europe, new conservatism and populism, authoritarian politics of finance and development in Putin's Russia

Prof. Dr. Jessica Gienow-Hecht

Focus areas: US-American history, transatlantic relations, US-Soviet relations

Dr. Tetiana Kostiuchenko

Focus areas (selection): Ukrainian Politics, Elite networks, social network analysis

Prof. Dr. Alexander Libman

Focus areas: Post-Soviet Eurasia and Russia, autocracy research and cross-border cooperation of authoritarian states, Russian sub-national politics, impact of historical legacies on the contemporary political and social development of the post-Soviet countries

Dr. Olena Podvorna

Focus areas (selection): Ukrainian and Russian politics, foreign policy, national and international security with a focus on the Euro-Atlantic region and the Arctic region

Prof. Dr. Thomas Risse

Focus areas (selection): German Foreign Policy, Transatlantic Relations, European Integration, Europe and Russia, Fragile Statehood, Governance Export

Dr. Tobias Rupprecht

Focus areas: History of the Soviet Union, State Socialism and Neoliberalism, Exchange of liberal ideas after the collapse of the Soviet Union between Eastern Europe and the Global South

Prof. Dr. Gwendolyn Sasse

Focus areas: Post-communist transition processes (with a particular focus on Ukraine), Comparative democratisation and authoritarianism, War and ethnic conflicts in Eastern Europe, Migration from and within Eastern Europe, Protest dynamics, EU eastward enlargement/Eastern Partnership

Dr. Tatiana Zhurzhenko

Focus areas: Borders and border regions in the post-Soviet space, Memory politics, Conflict and post-conflict societies, Gender and feminism

Prof. Dr. Michael Zürn

Focus areas (selection): Global governance, international political theory, authoritarianism and populism research, emergence and functioning of inter- and supranational institutions, normative tensions and political conflicts.