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Cluster Professorships

Four professorships were established with SCRIPTS funding to strengthen the SCRIPTS-related disciplines through the duration of the project and beyond. Each of these positions complements the expertise of the Principal Investigators in research fields, such as Islam in Europe, that are of increasing importance in international research. Thus, the interconnection among SCRIPTS, its affiliated universities, and participating institutions is enhanced, while also anchoring the corresponding research topics within academic scholarship.

Global Sociology Professorship

The Global Sociology Professorship at the WZB Berlin Social Science Center and Freie Universität Berlin, held by Prof. Dr. Yasemin Soysal, focuses on global structures, processes, and changes, their causes, and outcomes.

Sustainability Professorship

The Sustainability Professorship at Freie Universität Berlin, held by Prof. Dr. Lepenies, complements existing research on climate and energy in the Berlin area. This role focuses broadly on the multidimensional adaptation and transformation processes towards sustainable development in liberal and non-liberal settings from a political science perspective.

"Islam in Europe" Professorship

The professorship Islam in Europe, at Freie Universität Berlin, secures the decisive perspective on the intertwining of cultures with regard to current migration flows. Muslim forms of social life and religious practice in contexts of European immigration societies are examined.

"Contemporary Politics and Societies in Africa" Professorship

The professorship of Comparative Politics and Societies in Africa, at Freie Universität, completes the set of regions for the purpose of cross-regional comparisons and the study of transregional processes between localities in different regions of the global South and the global North.