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Junior Research Groups

Two Junior Research Groups (JRG) at SCRIPTS are dedicated to help young scholars make their way to a tenured position in the longer term. Each group is headed by a postdoc leader (postdoctoral researcher) assisted by two doctoral researchers.

JRG Peripheral Liberalism

The JRG Peripheral Liberalism assesses the intellectual genesis and political impacts of liberal ideas before and during the marketisation of (formerly) state socialist countries. Thereby both the local intellectual roots and the non-western exchange of ideas of political economy are examined within the socialist world, but also in exchanges with developing dictatorships from Chile to South Korea.

JRG Comparative Survey

The JRG Comparative Survey develops, implements, and analyses the comparative survey "PALS – Public Attitudes towards the Liberal Scripts" in more than 25 countries from all world regions to determine the extent to which the liberal script is embraced and contested.