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Junior Research Group: Comparative Survey

In line with the discussions within SCRIPTS, the Junior Resarch Group (JRG) develops, implements and analyses the comparative public opinion survey "PALS – Public Attitudes of the Liberal Script”.

"PALS – Public Attitudes of the Liberal Script” is a comparative public opinion survey in more than 25 countries from all world regions conducted by SCRIPTS’ Comparative Survey Junior Research Group. The goal of this survey is to determine the extent to which the liberal script in its different normative and empirical versions is embraced or contested. Research by members of SCRIPTS, as well as external researchers, will identify patterns on the level of individuals, groups and countries and investigate potential sources associated with these patterns. Furthermore, the questionnaire includes various topics related to the four Research Units. The dataset will be published as a resource for SCRIPTS and beyond.

The JRG is supported by an Advisory Council of several Principal Investigators of SCRIPTS.

For questions, do not hesitate to contact them (survey@scripts-berlin.eu).