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Data and Methodology Center

The Cluster builds on the systematic collaboration of scholars from disciplines across the social sciences, area studies, and humanities. This methodological pluralism and critical reflection about data and methods is one of the features, and strengths, of the Cluster.

The aim of the Data and Methodology Center (DMC) is to support the work of researchers in the Cluster by

  1. providing training
  2. offering a forum for critical reflection and innovations
  3. assisting with data management and data accessibility
  4. establishing a central data portal to make the collected data available to other scholars (data archive and services)
  5. contributing to a discussion about raising the standards of social scientific research more broadly

The DMC will have a long-lasting impact on the research community, first, by providing a central portal to make data available and widely accessible. It will thereby contribute to the growing infrastructure on data about social processes, and it can be used by other scholars for their research questions. Second, the DMC aims to foster critical reflection about the concepts underlying data collection, methodological innovations connecting quantitative and qualitative methods, and methodological awareness through an interdisciplinary approach that connects scholars from a wide variety of disciplines, research traditions, and contexts. Third, it aims to influence current and future leading researchers by teaching and critically reflecting on cutting-edge methods from a wide variety of disciplines, ensuring high quality, rigorous research.

The two primary aspects of the DMC’s agenda are providing research consulting and serving as an educational platform. Research consulting is organized both at the individual level through individual research consultations (see below for booking) and at a more general level through providing research design workshops and colloquia for scholars from SCRIPTS and partner institutions. The educational aspect of the DMC is delivered through an organized series of methodological workshops available for scholars from SCRIPTS and partner institutions.

Individual Research Consulting

Researchers that are currently affiliated with one of the institutions participating in SCRIPTS are entitled to book an individual research consultation. Research consultations can be booked using this document and an institutional email to sign up (we will not process requests sent through personal emails):


Dr. Olga Gasparyan, Academic Coordinator of the Data and Methodology Center

Current activities

The Data Science Summer School 2021, organized by the SCRIPTS Data and Methodology Center in cooperation with the Hertie School Data Science Lab and support by the Stifterverband from July 9 to July 30, 2021 is a series of 4-hour workshops on programming and data analysis for research. Courses include Introduction to R Programming, Phyton Programming, Machine Learning and Deep Learning, Web Scraping, Quantitative text analysis with R, Natural Language Processing and Data Visualization, among others.