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Research Projects

SCRIPTS is a platform for different types of research projects. We currently distinguish between general and short research projects funded directly by the Cluster, and externally funded affiliated projects. All SCRIPTS-funded projects are linked to at least one Research Unit of the Cluster. Research output by the different projects includes contributions to our SCRIPTS Working Paper Series.

General Research Projects
3-year projects which tackle topics cutting across the Cluster’s Research Units (RU) and involve principal investigators, junior researchers and external partners.
Short-Term Research Projects
Projects that run from a couple of months up to a year, which address topical issues, emerge from projects or research interests by principal investigators and junior researchers or result from discussions within and between Research Units.
Cluster-Affiliated Research Projects
Projects that cut across the Cluster’s research structure and complement its research agenda by bringing in external experts. Cluster-affiliated research projects are not funded by the Cluster.