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Political leaders and gender equality: Can female top leaders reduce inequalities in political participation?

Jun 01, 2022 — Dec 31, 2022

The participation of women in politics is still much lower than that of men in established democracies. Whilst the political representation of women has been steadily increasing in most established democracies, there is still a substantive gender gap in political participation (Coffé and Bolzendahl 2010). As of late 2019, the world’s percentage of representatives who are women was of just 24.5% across upper and lower chambers, and of only 29.4% in Europe (Women in Parliaments: World and Regional Averages 2019).

The project investigates to what extent the nomination of female leaders in political parties can mobilize women and increase their political participation, and thereby reduce gender-specific political inequalities.

Results and publications

The project has been preregistered at https://aspredicted.org/see_one.php and accepted for presentation at the European Political Science Association Conference at Prague in June 2022.