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Report: Programmes for Displaced Scholars and Visiting Doctoral Researchers assessed as successful

In response to the Russian invasion in Ukraine and accompanying tensions, SCRIPTS was able to grant academic opportunities for the displaced scholars from Ukraine, Belarus, and Russia from spring 2022. SCRIPTS has also accepted a number of new Visiting Doctoral Researchers from March 2022. They come in particular from disadvantaged regions or have corresponding biographies. The encounters between the visiting fellows and the Cluster were mutually enriching, which is also reflected in the fellows' testimonials. Read the full report including an interview with the Academic Coordinator of Diversity and Internationalization here.

News from Oct 31, 2022

Successful hosting of displaced scholars from Ukraine, Belarus, and Russia

In total, SCRIPTS hosts seven displaced scholars as "Special Fellows" until January 2023 and supports five of them in finding secure follow-up opportunities. Special Fellows were carefully selected according to research background, academic excellence and their individual situations. Among the selected scholars are Prof. Dr. Alexander Kalgin, Dr. Denys Kiryukhin, Dr. Tetiana Kostiuchenko, Arseniy Kumankov, Guzel Yusupova and Dr. Olena Podvorna. The programme was made possible through the cooperation with the Institute for Eastern Studies Berlin (OEI Berlin) and the Centre for East European and International Studies (ZOiS).

"My fellowships at SCRIPTS was a great experience for me. First, I got the opportunity to see how a European university works and to take part in seminars myself. Free discussion, criticality, depth analysis of research themes and goodwill to various positions are what inspired me in SCRIPTS' work. In addition, I have had the opportunity to study the German scientific research system and receive a lot of valuable advice on how to prepare a plan for my own research project" - Dr. Denys Kiryukhin, formerly H.Skovoroda Institute of Philosophy, National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine.

Successful hosting of Visiting Doctoral Researchers from Disadvantaged Regions

With this programme, SCRIPTS particularly supports doctoral students from disadvantaged regions or with corresponding biographies. No new scholarships are currently being awarded. Visiting Doctoral Researchers come to SCRIPTS on the basis of irregular calls for 12 months, or are funded on their own initiative for up to 6 months. Read the full report here.

"Here at SCRIPTS, I've been happy to enjoy the company of fellow academics, which has allowed me to learn a lot, get really good feedback about my project, participate in very insightful seminars and build a nice network of PhD students. One highlight was the seminar with Denise Ferreira: not only getting in touch with her work, but being able to discuss it personally with her." - Juliana Fontana Moyses, University of São Paulo.

The admission of new scholarship holders, both as special scholarship holders and as visiting scholarship holders, is currently closed.