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BGTS Doctoral Programme

Programme Structure

For full-time doctoral students, the BGTS offers a clear structure where the different steps of doctoral studies are spelled out and monitored along the way to ensure that doctoral candidates receive the support needed to complete their dissertation within three years.


The BGTS structured programme comprises a three-year programme (180CP) which balances independent research with a structured curriculum. Students have the opportunity to take part in content-oriented courses, research methods training and research colloquia as well as tailored transferable skills workshops. The doctoral programme consists of three years of study starting in September of each year. In total, students earn 180 credit points over the course of the years, with the major part of the workload dedicated to independent thesis research.


The BGTS is committed to high standards of doctoral supervision. Each candidate is assigned a team of two supervisors and one additional professorial advisor who serves a mentor during the time of doctoral studies. The first supervisor is the main supervisor and also serves as an evaluator, the other two can be chosen either from the BGTS faculty or come from a partner or an external institution.

Academic Regulations

Career & Development

Finance & Funding

The BGTS does not require any tuition fees, however, to be enrolled as a PhD student at the University, an enrolment fee needs to be paid every semester, which covers a transportation pass and a contribution to the student union and the student support service. Furthermore, students should expect to budget about €1000-1200 per month for living expenses in Berlin including housing, meals and personal expenses. Please note that the structured programme is designed to be a full-time, on-site programme and it is not foreseen to work alongside doctoral studies.