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Ana Werkstetter Caravaca

Cohort 2020

Topic of PhD Thesis: The Role of the OECD in the Chilean Education System

Werkstetter Caravaca_Katy Otto-SCRIPTS 2021 Cropped

Freie Universität Berlin

Project Doctoral Researcher, Project "Negotiating the Future of Education", RU Orders

Education and Work Experience

  • 09/2019—02/2021: Paeradigms LLC, Berlin, Research Analyst and Consultant
  • 08/2018—07/2019: GIZ Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit, Berlin and Addis Ababa, Gender and Communications Intern
  • 04/2016— 05/2019: Humboldt Universität zu Berlin, M.A. Global Studies
  • 01/2018—04/2018: UNEP, Secretariat for the Convention on Biological Diversity, Montreal, Gender Mainstreaming Intern
  • 01/2017—06/2017: Chulalongkorn University, Bangkok, Thailand, M.A. Global Studies (semester abroad)
  • 06/2016—12/2016: University of Pretoria, South Africa, M.A. Global Studies (semester abroad)
  • 10/2011—05/2016: Potsdam Universität, B.A. Cultural Studies
  • 07/2014—02/2016: Women’s International League for Peace and Freedom (German Section), Executive Director and Co-founder of Young WILPF Berlin
  • 10/2011—05/2016: Potsdam Universität, B.A. Cultural Studies
  • 01/2015—04/2015: Consulate General of the Federal Republic of Germany, New York, Intern at the Department of Culture
  • 08/2013—07/2014: Universidade do Porto, Portugal, ERASMUS

Academic Appointments, Scientific Activities & Outreach

  • 10/2019—02/2020: DeZIM, Berlin, Consultant (Interviewer, Translator, Transcriber)

Fellowships, Stipends and Awards

  • 01/2018-04/2018 DAAD Kurzstipendien für Praktika im Ausland
  • 01/2015-04/2015 DAAD Kurzstipendien für Praktika im Ausland

Research Interests

  • Decolonial thought
  • Global inequality
  • Settler Studies
  • Central America and the Caribbean
  • Peace and conflict studies