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BGTS People

Doctoral Researchers

Doctoral Researchers complete their doctorate in the 3-year doctoral programme at the BGTS. Positions are fully funded by SCRIPTS and either linked to the four Research Units, the Junior Research Groups or to WZB and Hertie School. Project doctoral researchers are linked to a specific SCRIPTS research project.

Affiliated Doctoral Researchers

Affiliated doctoral researchers are either affiliated through external projects run by SCRIPTS Principal Investigators or temporarily affiliated to SCRIPTS based on external excellence funding (see affiliation as a guest researcher). Affiliated doctoral researchers are participating in parts of the regular BGTS curriculum.

Visiting Doctoral Researchers

Visiting Doctoral Fellows are joining SCRIPTS for 12 months based on irregular calls or with their own funding for up to 6 months, based upon their own initiative. Visiting Doctoral Fellows also include Research Training Fellows. They can participate in colloquia, courses and research projects, but are free to pursue their own research project.

BTS Alumni

BTS Alumni have completed their doctorates at the former Berlin Graduate School of Transnational Studies (BTS). With the founding of SCRIPTS, the BTS has been merged into the BGTS, the graduate school of SCRIPTS.