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Jaša Veselinovič

Cohort 2020

Supervisor: Prof. Dr. Thomas Risse

Topic of PHD-Thesis: European policy-planning elite: the influence of think-tanks on European transatlantic policies between 2016 and 2022

Veselinovic-Katy Otto 2021(4)

Freie Universität Berlin

Doctoral Researcher, RU Orders

Education and Work Experience

  • 09/2017-08/2018:  Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, MSc Political Science - International Relations and Transnational Governance (cum laude)
  • 10/2011-06/2016: University of Ljubljana, Bachelor of Arts in International Relations
  • 09/2014-06/2015: Bilkent University Ankara, Bachelor of Arts in International Relations, Erasmus+ student exchange

Academic Appointments, Scientific Activities & Outreach

  • 09/2018-05/2019: Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, FSW, Political Science department, Research Assistant

Fellowships, Stipends and Awards

  • 2021-2023 Oxford Grant for the project ‘Europe in a Changing World’, SCRIPTS & WZB in cooperation with Dahrendorf Programme at the European Studies Centre at St Antony’s College at the University of Oxford
  • 09/2017-08/2018: Ad Futura scholarship – The Public Scholarship, Development, Disability and Maintenance Fund of the Republic of Slovenia
  • International Relations
  • European Foreign Policy
  • Transatlantic Relations
  • Think-Tanks
  • Critical Political Economy
  • European Integration
  • Veselinovič, J & Zupan, Ž 2017, 'Siriza in Oktober: periferija in nadnacionalno povezovanje levice (Syriza and October: periphery and supranational leftist integration)', Časopis za kritiko znanosti, vol. 45, no.  269, pp. 290–303.
  • Veselinovič, J 2017, 'Neorealizem in marksistična kritika (Neorealism and Marxist Critique)', Družboslovne Razprave, vol. 33 no. 86, pp. 63-81.
  • Veselinovič, J 2022, 'European Foreign Policy Think Tanks and ‘Strategic Autonomy’: Making Sense of the EU’s Role in the World of Geoeconomics. In: Babić, M., Dixon, A.D., Liu, I.T. (eds) The Political Economy of Geoeconomics: Europe in a Changing World. International Political Economy Series, pp. 81-106.


  • Veselinovič, J., 2021, Interview, Video-Series “Faces of SCRIPTS”, Cluster of Excellence SCRIPTS, 2021. Available from: https://youtu.be/3URNytSMcJ4.