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Research Output

Research Output contains peer-reviewed scientific papers published within SCRIPTS, featured publications by cluster members and the Cluster's own Working Paper Series. The Cluster Blog and the "Think Pieces", written by young SCRIPTS researchers, provide space for short essays and opinion pieces on SCRIPTS research topics. Other output, such as dissertations and research data, will also be published here soon.

SCRIPTS Working Paper Series

SCRIPTS has its own Working Paper Series that provides a vehicle for SCRIPTS researchers, fellows, visiting fellows and guest fellows to disseminate their research. The series consists of pre-publication "works in progress" that enhance scholarly and public debate on contestations of the liberal script. Manuscripts can be submitted by all SCRIPTS researchers and are reviewed in a single blind review procedure by a SCRIPTS researcher. Working Papers are open access to enable the general public to see what and how research is carried out at the Cluster.

Featured scientific publications

This section compiles a selection of excellent scientific publications by Cluster members during the period of their membership of SCRIPTS. Besides, the Public Relation department of SCRIPTS regularly advertises publications by its members on Twitter (@scriptsberlin) as well as in the SCRIPTS newsletter. Information about publications by individual Cluster members can be found on their personal websites.

Monographs and Edited Volumes

A compilation of Monographs by Cluster members that were published in the framework of SCRIPTS / during the period of their membership.

Think Pieces

The Think Pieces are well-founded short essays written by the young researchers of SCRIPTS' Berlin International College of Research and Graduate Training (BIRT). They offer a platform for the doctoral and post-doctoral researchers to publish, on the website, non-curated content with a wider range of topic choice.