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The SCRIPTS blog assembles a variety of analytical views, opinions, and commentaries by members and guest authors. Blog articles are written in an accessible rather than an academic style. Topics vary from up-to-date to more general issues. They all relate to the liberal script in its current varieties, as well as possible future evolutions in its regional and global interrelations.

The SCRIPTS Think Pieces, an open format of opinion pieces, have been merged with the blog and can be found in this list.

So long, Transatlantica!

by Jessica Gienow-Hecht

Dec 22, 2022

Digital sanctions against Russia and geopolitization of the Internet

by Ewa Dąbrowska

Dec 19, 2022

The Puzzling Silence of the Global South on Russian aggression against Ukraine

by Yaning Zhang

Nov 21, 2022

The War in Ukraine is not a watershed in China-EU relations – yet

by Yaning Zhang

Nov 14, 2022

How to successfully carry out research on China in challenging times

by Alice Trinkle, Felix Garten, Johannes Petry, Bo Yang and Yating Zhang

Sep 22, 2022

A Decent Man at the Head of an Inhuman System

by Tobias Rupprecht

Sep 12, 2022

The myth of the Marshall Plan, the Reality of the Ukraine Challenge

by David Ellwood

Jun 08, 2022

Laskavo Prosymo, Mr Marshall!

by Jessica Gienow-Hecht

Jun 02, 2022

The Russian invasion of Ukraine as a contestation of the liberal script? - № 17: Explaining Estonia’s Outsized Aid to Ukraine

by Kevin Axe

May 23, 2022

War Ruins

by Adam Bregnsbo Fastholm

May 17, 2022