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New blog on the current state of transatlantic relations, and a plea by Jessica Gienow-Hecht

For her analysis of the state of transatlantic relations today, professor of history Jessica Gienow-Hecht looks back at the development in the 20th century.

News from Dec 22, 2022

Her intriguing essay ends with concrete suggestions to lead the transatlantic alliance out of the situation of paralysis and partial memory loss. “At the end of the day, the transatlantic alliance is about, but should also be about more than an external threat on the part of a sole illiberal actor. Its future, its quality and its longevity depend, yes, on things beyond Europeans’ control but not exclusively so.” Read the blog here.

Jessica Gienow-Hecht is Principal Investigator at SCRIPTS and chair of the department of history at the John F. Kennedy Institute for North American Studies.

The SCRIPTS blog assembles a variety of analytical views, opinions, and commentaries by SCRIPTS members and guest authors. Topics relate to the liberal script in its current varieties, as well as possible future evolutions in its regional and global interrelations.