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Student Assistant (m/f/d), 40h/month, limited to two years, RU Temporality

DEADLINE: 22.06.2021 We are seeking a student assistant for the  "RU Temporality", which is part of the Cluster of Excellence "Contestations of the Liberal Script" (SCRIPTS). Understandings of temporality and of progress provide information on time scales, imaginations of transience and eternity, and the reproduction of social structure. Time in the liberal view moves linearly toward a future of progress, and it presumes that rational actors optimally allocate time to market and non-market activities.

Jun 15, 2021

CfA: Postdoctoral Fellow (m/f/d), political science, limited to 1 year

DEADLINE: 7 July 2021 SCRRIPTS and GIGA are recruiting a postdoctoral fellow to assist Professor Amrita Narlikar in her teaching and other academic tasks.

Jun 15, 2021

International Theory devotes a symposium to Michael Zürn’s book “A Theory of Global Governance”

SCRIPTS co-director Michael Zürn, published his "A Theory of Global Governance" (Oxford University Press) in 2018.  The book represents the culmination of years of study focusing on international power systems, authority and attribution. It showcases Michael Zürn’s long-lasting commitment to deepening and developing a comprehensive understanding of international relations. Now, a top international journal devotes a symposium to the monograph.

Apr 13, 2021

Challenges to the Liberal Order: Reflections on International Organization

75 th anniversary issue of the journal International Organization edited by David A. Lake (University of California, San Diego), Lisa Martin (University of Wisconsin, Madison), and Thomas Risse (SCRIPTS) The liberal international order (LIO) is under challenge, perhaps as never before. The articles in special issue explore the nature of these challenges by examining how the “Westphalian” Order and the Liberal International Order have co-constituted one another over time; how both political and economic dynamics internal to the LIO threaten its core aspects; and the nature of external threats to the LIO. The special issue discusses central challenges to the LIO and reflects on the analytical lessons that we should learn, as the study of the LIO has sometimes overlooked or marginalized dynamics that now appear central to the functioning, and dysfunction, of the order itself. Among the topics covered in the special issue are the economic causes and consequences of the current backlash, the exclusionary foundations of embedded liberalism, race and racism in the LIO, the challenge of truth subversion to the LIO and the self-undermining features of the global information order. Authors examine struggles for recognition and status and its challenges to the LIO as well as the politicization of international cooperation and China’s rise and its consequences for the LIO. SCRIPTS co-directors Tanja Börzel and Michael Zürn contribute an article on the various contestations of the LIO from liberal multilateralism to postnational liberalism. The IO special issue is one of the first SCRIPTS publications, since SCRIPTS hosted the second authors’ workshop in June 2019 at Freie Universität Berlin.

Jan 15, 2021

Appointment of Steffen Mau to the Council of Experts on Integration and Migration (SVR)

Principal investigator and professor of macrosociology Prof. Dr. Steffen Mau has been appointed to the German Council of Experts on Integration and Migration (SVR). The Expert Council on Integration and Migration is an independent body of scientific policy advice for the German Federal Government. With its expert reports, the panel contributes to the decision-making process of all bodies responsible for integration and migration policy as well as the public. Please find below the press release (German).

Jan 14, 2021