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Janika Spannagel awarded with International Prize for Fundamental Academic Values

The postdoctoral researcher at SCRIPTS won first place in the first-ever awarded "Fundamental Academic Values Award" of the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD). The award recognises three young European researchers for their outstanding academic contribution to the promotion of fundamental academic values.

Nov 29, 2022

Call for Papers: The “global south” and liberal values in the historiography of human rights

The project team of the SCRIPTS research project " De-Centering Human Rights: Liberalism, Human Rights, and the Global South " is organising a workshop to be held in Berlin on 4-5 May 2023. Submissions are open by 6 January 2023.

Nov 29, 2022

Job Opening: Student Assistant (f/m/d) at SCRIPTS

SCRIPTS is seeking a student assistant (m/f/d) in the research project “ Science Friction: Patterns, Causes and Effects of Academic Freedom Contestations ” with 41 hours/month limited to 2 years. Application deadline: 12.12.2022 (SCRIPTS SHK ID16)

Nov 22, 2022

New posts on the war in Ukraine in the SCRIPTS blog

Dr. Yaning Zhang, now assistant professor at the Fudan University in Shanghai and former doctoral researcher at SCRIPTS, contributed two posts on the Global South's reaction to Russia's war in Ukraine and the shifting power dynamics between the US, China and the EU in reaction to it. Another blog post by a SCRIPTS PostDoc on the decoupling of the Russian internet sphere is in preparation. Read the new blog posts here . The SCRIPTS blog assembles a variety of analytical views, opinions, and commentaries by SCRIPTS members and guest authors. Topics relate to the liberal script in its current varieties, as well as possible future evolutions in its regional and global interrelations.

Nov 22, 2022

Job Opening: Office Employee (m/f/d)

SCRIPTS is seeking an office employee (Administration) (m/f/d) in full-time employment (part-time also possible) until 31.12.2025. Salary group 9a TV-L. Deadline: 12 Dec 2022

Nov 15, 2022

Report: Programmes for Displaced Scholars and Visiting Doctoral Researchers assessed as successful

In response to the Russian invasion in Ukraine and accompanying tensions, SCRIPTS was able to grant academic opportunities for the displaced scholars from Ukraine, Belarus, and Russia from spring 2022. SCRIPTS has also accepted a number of new Visiting Doctoral Researcher s from March 2022. They come in particular from disadvantaged regions or have corresponding biographies. The encounters between the visiting fellows and the Cluster were mutually enriching, which is also reflected in the fellows' testimonials. Read the full report including an interview with the Academic Coordinator of Diversity and Internationalization here .

Oct 31, 2022

SCRIPTS welcomes Prof. Dr. Maria-Michaela Hampf

Prof. Dr. Maria-Michaela Hampf (Graduate School of North American Studies) joins SCRIPTS from October 1, 2022 until March 21, 2023 as a substitute professor for Jessica Gienow-Hecht who is currently on a sabbatical. 

Oct 28, 2022

Book "Der Krieg gegen die Ukraine" by Gwendolyn Sasse published

The book “Der Krieg gegen die Ukraine” (the war against Ukraine) by SCRIPTS Principal Investigator Gwendolyn Sasse , director of the Centre for East European and International Studies (ZOiS), is published today at C.H. Beck (in German) .

Oct 13, 2022

SCRIPTS welcomes thirteen new doctoral researchers

SCRIPTS welcomes the new cohort of doctoral researchers from the  Berlin Graduate School for Global and Transregional Studies  (BGTS). We welcome Simon Clemens, Matthew Delmastro, Lorena Drakula, Inga Aenne Feldmann, Julian Heide, Maximiliano Jara Barrera, Alexander Jakab Klein, Anastasia Mgaloblishvilli, Federico Salvati, Laura Schimmöller, Henrik von Homeyer, Lesar Yurtsever and Julia Tovote. Additionally, Wolfgang Minatti has joined us as Visiting Doctoral Researcher from European University Institute. We wish these aspiring researchers all the best and look forward to working with them!

Sep 07, 2022

Book "Interrogating Muslims" by Schirin Amir-Moazami published

The book “Interrogating Muslims. The Liberal-Secular Matrix of Integration” by Principal Investigator Schirin Amir-Moazami , professor at the Institute of Islamic Studies at Freie Universität Berlin, has been published at Bloomsbury ( here ).

Aug 10, 2022

Andreas Eckert appointed to Einstein Research Fellow

The Einstein Stiftung Berlin has approved new funding projects, including the Einstein Research Fellowship of Andreas Eckert, Principal Investigator at SCRIPTS and professor of the history of Africa at Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin.

Jul 27, 2022

Launch-event of a series of talks with the Federal Foreign Office

On 4 July, the Knowledge Exchange Lab (KEL) of SCRIPTS, together with partners from the Federal Office of Foreign Affairs, launched a series of talks on research topics and foreign policy. With this project, KEL facilitates the exchange of knowledge between foreign policy “practitioners” and SCRIPTS researchers.

Jul 26, 2022

The book "The Secular Imaginary" by Sushmita Nath is out (pre-order)

The book “The Secular Imaginary. Gandhi, Nehru and the Idea(s) of India” (Cambridge University Press) by Postdoctoral Fellow Dr. Sushmita Nath is planned to be published in August 2022 and already available for pre-order on the publisher's website .

Jul 05, 2022

SCRIPTS welcomes four new Principal Investigators

SCRIPTS welcomes Genia Kostka (professor of Chinese Studies and head of the Institute of Chinese Studies at Freie Universität (FU) Berlin), Alexander Libman (professor of Russian and East European Politics at FU Berlin) and Lora Anne Viola (professor for North American Foreign Policy at the FU Berlin) as new Principal Investigators. Likewise, SCRIPTS welcomes Kathrin Zippel (professor of sociology and gender studies at Northeastern University), who has joined the Cluster as Einstein Professor in the Department of Sociology at FU Berlin.

Jul 05, 2022

Recorded livestream of the event "Future Perfect" available online

On 25 June, SCRIPTS hosted a day with artist and philosopher Denise Ferreira da Silva at SAVVY Contemporary: The Laboratory of Form-Ideas in Berlin. The event explored the (im) possibility of global and racial (in) justice in three acts. A reading of da Silva's book “Unpayable Debt” with Edna Bonhomme and a screening of da Silva's film “Soot Breath/Corpus Infinitum”, followed by conversations with Olivier Marboeuf and Arjuna Neuman. Céline Barry and Lucy Ng'ang'a were also involved as speakers. The recording is available here on YouTube . The full programme is available here .

Jun 27, 2022