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International Research College (IRC)

The IRC is a hub for postdoctoral fellows and international guest researchers and the main venue for fostering cooperation between SCRIPTS and its international partners. Through the international network built within the IRC, SCRIPTS promotes career mobility for researchers at any stage of their career.

Senior Visiting Fellowship Programme

The IRC consists of primarily two schemes: First, a senior visiting scholar programme that invites established scholars from all over the world to spend six months to a year at SCRIPTS. Selected scholars contribute to research activities and connect with other members of SCRIPTS. Senior Fellow candidates are limited to those with a nomination from SCRIPTS, as there is no outside call for these fellowships.

Postdoctoral Fellowship Programme

**UPDATE: The IRC Postdoctoral Fellowship Programme has been discontinued until further notice.**

Second, the IRC issues an annual call for postdoctoral fellows to spend one year at SCRIPTS and participate in the research activities. Postdoctoral fellows are integrated into SCRIPTS’ activities through the different Research Units and are expected to write a working paper, which will be published in SCRIPTS Working Paper Series.

Additionally, the IRC has awarded positions to six postdoctoral fellows with 4-year contracts as Academic Coordinators at the four Research Units and as leaders of the two Junior Research Groups.

Special Fellowships for Scholars At Risk

SCRIPTS has created an emergency fund to grant special fellowships to scholars at risk from Ukraine, Belarus, and Russia in cooperation with the Institute for Eastern Studies Berlin (OEI Berlin) and the Centre for East European and International Studies (ZOiS). Read the report on the programme and the hosting of special Fellows in 2022 here. No new scholarships are currently being awarded.

Affiliation as a Guest Researcher/Visiting Scholar

Excellent researchers at all levels of qualification are always welcome to spend a month or more at SCRIPTS for intellectual exchange and global networking. SCRIPTS invites researchers who bring either a project initiative with funding on their own or a project initiative that is targeted at externally funded programmes. Guest researchers who are still in the process of applying for external funding can apply for affiliation with SCRIPTS and gain support in the application process. The IRC invites scholars from around the world, especially those from international partner universities and the Global South. Fellows are selected in cooperation with the Research Units and with an emphasis on equal opportunities and diversity within SCRIPTS. The visiting scholar programme also aims at supporting early careers.


The International Research College (IRC)
Boltzmannstraße 20, 14197 Berlin
Room EG E225, E225a und E225b
Early Career Ombudsperson

SCRIPTS maintains an honorary ombudsperson who provides doctoral researchers and postdoctoral fellows confidential consultation on challenges encountered in research projects, supervision, mentoring, or other issues.

Prof. Dr. Schirin Amir-Moazami