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International Research College (IRC)

The IRC is the main venue to foster the cooperation between SCRIPTS and its international partners and a hub for a hub for postdoctoral fellows and international guest scholars to exchange views and develop ideas in relation to the Cluster’s research themes and their own projects. Through the international network built within the IRC, SCRIPTS will promote career mobility for researcher at any stage of their career. The IRC consists of primarily two schemes: First, a senior visiting scholar programme invites established scholars from all over the world to spend six months to a year at the Cluster. In cooperation with the Research Units, we specifically invite scholars from our partner universities and the global South. Second, the IRC issues an annual call for postdoctoral fellows to spend time at the Cluster and participate in the RU’s research activities and also integrates post-doctoral fellows at the Research Units as well as Junior Research Group Leaders of the Cluster. Postdoctoral fellowships at the Cluster comprise fellows with 12-month fellowships recruited through annual calls, post-doctoral fellows with 4-year contracts recruited through the Research Units of the Cluster and Junior Research Group Leaders. All postdoctoral fellows will be closely connected to the Clusters’ activities in the different Research Units. Through the senior scholar programme, established scholars from all over the world are invited to spend time at the Cluster, contribute to the Clusters’ research activities and network with fellows at the Cluster


The International Research College (IRC)
Boltzmannstraße 20, 14197 Berlin
Room EG E225, E225a und E225b