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Laura Leschinski

Topic of PhD Thesis: Conflict Prevention in Fragile Contexts: Legitimacy, Local Perspectives and Policy Coherence

Leschinski, Laura

Freie Universität Berlin / German Federal Foreign Office

Coordination Unit Knowledge Exchange on Foreign Policy

Education and Work Experience

  • 10/2015-07/2018: Goethe University Frankfurt / Technical University Darmstadt, M.A. International Studies / Peace and Conflict Studies 
  • 02/2017-06/2017: University of Warsaw, M.A. International Relations
  • 10/2011-04/2015: Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz, B.A. Political Science and Sociology

Academic Appointments, Scientific Activities & Outreach

  • 07/2019-09/2019: German Development Institute. Research Programme 'Environmental Governance', Graduate Assistant
  • 11/2016-09/2018: Peace Research Institute Frankfurt. Research Group 'Conflict and Social Movements' (2017-18) and Research Group 'Conflict and Normative Change' (2016-17), Student Assistant
  • 07/2016-12/2016: Cluster of Excellence 'Formation of Normative Orders' at Goethe University Frankfurt. Research Project 'No Alternative? Social Protest in the Alter-Globalisation Movement between Opposition and Dissidence', Student Assistant

Research Interests

  • International and Transnational Relations
  • Crisis Prevention, Stabilisation and Governance in Areas of Limited Statehood
  • EU Foreign and Security Policy
  • Holper/Kirchhoff/Leschinski/Röder/Vogt/von Dobeneck/Walter-Drop 2020, 'Impact of the Covid-19 pandemic on fragile contexts and foreign policy instruments'/ 'Auswirkungen der Covid-19 Pandemie auf fragile Kontexte und außenpolitische Instrumente'. Available from: http://www.peacemediation.de/uploads/7/3/9/1/73911539/impact_covid_19_2020-05-04.pdf (English) / http://www.peacemediation.de/uploads/7/3/9/1/73911539/impact_covid_19_2020-05-04.pdf (German). [24 September 2020].