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Dr. Ding-nan Wang

Cohort 2013

Supervisors: Prof. Dr. Thomas Risse & Prof. Dr. Eberhard Sandschneider

West-Eastern Analysis

Business Owner

Ding-nan Wang earned his doctorate degree from the Free University of Berlin in February 2018. Previously, he pursued his master and undergraduate education at the University of Cambridge and Peking University respectively. In the meantime, he also studied at Yale University, Cairo University, the American University in Cairo and the University of Tehran.

Wang has been the owner of a political consultancy in Berlin since 2014. The company provides research focusing on Chinese domestic and foreign policies in a broad sense as well as EU foreign policy and Middle Eastern affairs. His clients include small and medium-sized enterprises, professional services networks such as Deloitte and academic institutions.

Since 2013, Wang has also been a columnist and frequent commentator for Chinese print and online media outlets, covering European and Middle Eastern affairs.

Title of PhD thesis

Resolving goal conflicts in the Middle East: the EU and China in comparison

Research Interests

Chinese domestic and foreign policies

EU foreign policy

Middle Eastern studies (esp. Egypt and Iran)