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Dr. Digdem Soyaltin

Cohort 2010

Supervisors: Prof. Dr. Tanja Börzel & Prof. Dr. Thomas Risse

Altınbaş University (Istanbul Kemerburgaz University)

Department of Political Science

Assistant Professor

Digdem Soyaltin is an Assistant Professor at Department of Political Science at Altınbaş University in Istanbul. She is teaching on European politics, EU-Turley Relations, State and Bureaucracy in Turkey and Economic Governance in Turkey. Previously Soyaltin worked as a consultant in projects conducted by Transparency International and ICF Brussels on anti-corruption policies and judicial sector reforms in Turkey. She received her Ph.D in Political Science from BTS at Freie Universität Berlin and worked as a post-doctoral fellow at Stockholm University. Her main research interests are European politics, Europeanisation and domestic change, public policy and governance, Turkish politics and more specific policies of fight against corruption, international anti-corruption regimes. Her articles appeared in various journals. She has just published a book from Routledge titled Europeanisation, Corruption and Good Governance in the Public Sector: The case of Turkey.

Title of PhD Thesis

There is a Limit to Your Reach! Exploring Differential Dynamics of Decoupling in Anti-corruption Related Institutional Change in the Turkish Public Sector

Research Interests

Europeanization and Domestic Change

European Politics

Public Policy and Governance

Turkish Politics and more Specific Policies with respect to the Fight Against Corruption

International Anti-corruption Regimes