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Dr. Michal Parízek

Cohort 2010

Supervisor(s): Michael Zürn and Markus Jachtenfuchs

Topic of PhD Thesis: Domestic Politics and International Deadlocks: the Design of Negotiations in the World Trade Organization

Assistant Professor, Charles University, Prague

Michal is assistant professor of international relations at the Institute of Political Studies at Charles University, Prague. In his research, he focuses on the performance of international institutions, their design and the role of their staff, as well as on global information flows. Empirically, his core interests are in the politics of global economic institutions, notably the World Trade Organization. His research has appeared, among others, in The Review of International Organizations (2017), New Political Economy (2018), Comparative European Politics (2019), Global Policy and World Trade Review (both 2020). In 2020, his monograph Negotiations in the World Trade Organization: Design and Performance was published by Routledge. At Charles University, he teaches courses on global political economy, international institutions and cooperation, and research methods.

  • International institutions
  • WTO
  • Globalization
  • Secretariats of international organizations
  • Information