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Dr. Maurits Meijers

Cohort 2012

Supervisors: Prof. Dr. Markus Jachtenfuchs & Prof. Dr. Ruud Koopmans

Radboud University

Department of Political Science and Public Administration

Assistant Professor

After the PhD track at the BTS, Maurits Meijers was briefly employed at the Hertie School as an RA for Prof Jachtenfuchs. Subsequently, he accepted a job offer from Radboud University to work as an assistant professor (“universitair docent’). At Radboud University, he combines research and teaching duties. By now, he has taught 2 Bachelor-level courses and 3 Master-level courses on European politics as well as research methodology.

Title of PhD Thesis

Is Euroscepticism Contagious? Examining the Impact of Eurosceptic Challenger Parties on Mainstream Party Attitudes Toward the European Union.

Research Interests

Electoral Politics

European Union Politics

Social and Political Cleavages