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Dr. Christiane Kasack

Cohort 2018

Supervisors: Prof. Dr. Markus Jachtenfuchs & Prof. Dr. Ulrich Preuß


Coach and workshop facilitator

Christiane Kasack is an expert in career support for scientists. She works as a free-lance coach, consultant and workshop facilitator, specializing on career planning and self-management. She is a trained Business Coach (isi Berlin) and Career Advisor (artop). Working as the Hertie School’s Associate for PhD Affairs (2014-2016) and being responsible for Talent Management at the Helmholtz Association’s Head Office (2016-2019) provided her with ample experience in science management. At Helmholtz, she was responsible for the relaunch of the Association’s mentoring program for career orientation.

As a researcher, Christiane Kasack’s focus was on multi-level decision-making procedures.

Title of PhD Thesis

The internationalization of counter-terrorism policy: Effects on the rule of law


Hertie School of Governance, Helmholtz Association of German Research Centers