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Lange Nacht der Wissenschaften 2019 | Discussion "Rechtspopulismus in Europa“

Jun 15, 2019 | 08:15 PM - 09:45 PM
Lange Nacht der Wissenschaften 2019

Lange Nacht der Wissenschaften 2019

As part of the Lange Nacht der Wissenschaften 2019, SCRIPTS organized a versatile panel that will discuss the increasing importance of right-wing populist parties in Europe in mirror of the European Elections 2019. What causes can be identified and what are the political consequences? Who is bringing the right winged populism forward and who are the addressees? To what extent do populist parties formulate and mobilize socio-political alternatives to the "Liberal Script"? To be able to address the fundamental challenges this development is posing to liberal democracies, the panel will be gathering researchers, policymakers and experts of the cultural field.

An event in cooperation with the Center for European Integration and the Center for Comparative Politics of Germany and France.


Prof. Dr. Michael Zürn is Director of the Global Governance unit at WZB Berlin Social Science Center and Professor of International Relations at Freie Universität Berlin. He is director and co-speaker of the DFG-funded Cluster of Excellence “Contestations of the Liberal Script” (SCRIPTS). Furthermore, he is member of the Berlin–Brandenburg Academy of Sciences and Humanities and the Academia Europaea. Previously, he served as Founding Dean of the Hertie School. His work focuses on the emergence and functioning of inter-and supranational institutions and organizations and their impact on political orders. His publications focus among else on the legitimacy and effectiveness of international institutions. In his recent work, he aims at explaining the backlash against international institutions. For instance, A Theory of Global Governance was published in 2018 with Oxford University Press.

Prof. Dr. Miriam Hartlapp is Professor for Comparative Politics at the Freie Universität Berlin (FUB) where she focusses on the relationship between Germany and France. She chairs three Franco-German dual degree programs that the Freie Universität offers in cooperation with Sciences Po Paris and HEC Paris. Before joining the Freie Universität in April 2017 she held chairs at Leipzig and Bremen University and worked at the Max Planck Institute for the Study of Societies in the project “Neues Regieren und Soziales Europa? Zu Theorie und Praxis von Mindestharmonisierung und Soft Law im europäischen Mehrebenensystem“, at the ILO in Geneva and at the WZB Berlin Social Science Center.

Priya Basil is an author, essayist and activist who writes about all topics concerning identity, arts, democracy, (neo-)colonialism and the European Union. Her essays have been published in numerous European Newspapers like Die Zeit, The Guardian and Lettre International. Her latest Book “Be My Guest, Reflections on Hospitality” is an experiential, hybrid text switching between essayistic and autobiographic elements. She is co-founder of Authors for Peace, a political platform for writers and artists established in 2010. Additionally, she has been involved in various political initiatives, most recently a campaign for a European public holiday across Europe.

Dr. Sergey Lagodinsky was head of the EU/North America Department of the Heinrich Böll Foundation. His expertise lies particularly in transatlantic relations, international and constitutional law, and the law and politics of diversity and integration. Since 2019, he is member of European Parliament for the German party Die Grünen. Here he is, among other things, Vice-Chair of the Legal Affairs Committee, Chair of the EU-Turkey Delegation, and a substitute member of the Interior and Foreign Affairs Committees.

The discussion will be moderated by the political scientist Dr. Susanne Fuchs who is executive director of the Cluster of Excellence “Contestations of the Liberal Script” (SCRIPTS)

Attending the Event

  • Tickets: The discussion will be part of Lange Nacht der Wissenschaften 2022, for which tickets are required. You can book tickets here (External Link).
  • Registration: Ticket holders can attend without further registration.
  • Language: German.
  • Accessibility: The event will be held in the basement of the campus library which can be accessed through elevators.
  • How to get there: The Campus Library is part of the main FU campus Silberlaube. The closest train station is Dahlem-Dorf (U3). The walk by foot from the station to the Library is 6 minutes (460 metre).

Time & Location

Jun 15, 2019 | 08:15 PM - 09:45 PM

Freie Universität Berlin
Building 5b
Campus Library - Basement
Fabeckstraße 25, 14195 Berlin