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Professorship or nothing? Options and pathways in academia

Oct 28, 2021 | 03:30 PM - 06:00 PM

To join the session on the day of the event, please register by 20 October 2021 by writing an E-Mail to irc@scripts-berlin.eu

Event description

Pathways seem rather straightforward, no matter the country or system: starting with a doctoral position, moving to postdoc and then ultimately and hopefully a full professorship. The reality of academic positions in Europe (and beyond) is more complex, #IchbinHanna reminds us that it is everything but straightforward to succeed in climbing the aforementioned ladder within the required time. Non-academic options are plentiful, but perhaps not all widely known when first considering leaving the university. We would like to encourage a broad exchange network within Berlin to connect academics and non-academics at different stages, the outcome is open: exchanging experiences, providing advice, connecting for joint applications or following up with job offers.

The purpose of the series is to create opportunities for networking and provide support and training where needed. Further information about upcoming workshops will be provided as soon as possible. It is planned to host workshops on funding schemes (e.g. DFG, ERC, Emmy Noether and others) and how to apply for them, provide grant proposal coaching, diversity and professional skills training.

About the event series "Post-doctorate Pathways: academic and non-academic career trajectories"

With 7 Clusters of Excellence, the Berlin University Alliance and the BR50 as joint initiatives by Berlin’s universities and research institutes, the capital is becoming increasingly attractive for junior researchers in Germany and abroad. Opening with a roundtable on academic career paths, the series attempts to showcase career paths in different disciplines, specifically the social sciences, inside and outside of academia. This is specifically dedicated to junior researchers on the verge of choosing their career path after their doctorate. The purpose is not to showcase glamorous careers, but rather have an open and honest conversation with helpful recommendations and pointers. This includes workshops on funding formats (e.g. funding schemes in Germany and Europe) as well as in-depth workshops on how to write applications for funding and which criteria to consider to strengthen an application and set it apart (e.g. diversity).