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SCRIPTS UWYO Workshop | Global Leadership Crisis, Rising Inequalities, and Culture Wars: Contestations of the Liberal Script in the US

Oct 14, 2021 - Oct 15, 2021

Follow-up workshop of the online conference with the University of Wyoming (UWYO) in 2021.

Participation is limited to invited guests.


Oct. 14 - Day 1

3pm Berlin/7am Wyoming

Welcome Remarks

3.15 pm/7.15 am – 5.30 pm/9.30 am
Panel 1: “What is Liberal?” Understanding American liberalism and its resilience

• Jan-Werner Müller: How Liberal is American Liberalism?
• Friederike Kuntz & Tully Rector (SCRIPTS): Masterminds of American Contestations Right and Left
• Peter Parolin (UWYO): Capacious Liberalism: Plays by Shakespeare and Its Reception in the US
• Lora Viola (FU Berlin): The Illiberalism of America’s Liberal Internationalism. Discussants: Tanja Börzel and Jean Garrison

6 pm/10 am – 8 pm/12 noon
Panel 2: Is American populism ‘exceptional’? Global and historical comparisons

• Hans-Jürgen Puhle (Uni Frankfurt): Varieties of North American populism: Exceptional, Mainstream, or Model?
• Marcia Pally (NYU): Why is Populism Persuasive? A culturally situated case study of American populism, left and right, and the role of evangelicals
• Nathan Jessen (University of Maryland): Populist Ambivalence: Freedom, Antagonism, and the Power of the State in America Discussants: Thomas Risse and Stephanie Anderson

Oct. 15 - Day II

3 pm/7 am – 5 pm/9 am
Panel 3: Contemporary Contestations of Liberalism in the US: Populism and Beyond

• Andrew Garner (UWYO): Contestation of Liberalism and Polarization in US Politics
• Omar Ali (University of North Carolina), Black Populism Organized and Expressed: From the Post-Reconstruction South to Black Lives Matter, U.S.A.
• Robert Benson (SCRIPTS): From Trump to Sanders: The Paranoid Style Revisited. Discussants: Tanja Börzel and Jean Garrison

5.30 pm/9.30 am – 6.45 pm/10.45 am
Retrenchment from global leadership? Contestations of U.S. foreign policy

• Tanja A. Börzel/Thomas Risse (SCRIPTS): The Liberal International Order, the US and Europe: Still Cooperation Among Democracies?
• Stephanie Anderson/Jean Garrison (UWYO): Donald Trump in Perspective: Continuity and Change in U.S. Perspectives toward the Liberal World Order. Discussants: Friederike Kuntz and Andrew Garner

7.15 pm/11.15pm – 8.30 pm/12.30 pm

• Ana Covarrubias/Maria Celia Toro (El Colegio di Mexico): Immigration in US-Mexico Relations: Do Human Rights Matter?
• Tom Seitz (UWYO): Ceding the Field? Retrenchment of US Democracy Promotion in the Face of Increasing, Illiberal Competition. Discussants: Thomas Risse and Stephanie Anderson

8.45 pm/12.45 pm – 9.30 pm/1.30 pm

Concluding Discussion and Next Steps