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How climate policy could look like - and why a mistaken notion of freedom stands in the way

Cluster Professor for Sustainable Development Philipp Lepenies spoke with the newspaper taz about his Book "Verbot & Verzicht. Politik aus dem Geiste des Unterlassens" (Suhrkamp publishers). Topcis were the origins of the "prohibition phobia" he found and how a forward-looking climate policy could look like.

The book was voted onto the German non-fiction bestseller list for July and August. A panel of journalists from ZDF, ZEIT and Deutschlandfunk ranked it as the fourth-best new non-fiction book on this list.

Philipp Lepenies also discussed the book's theses with Ulrike Herrmann and Silke Burmeister in our event series "Futuring the Liberal Script". Watch the recording here on YouTube.

News from Jun 30, 2022

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