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"Borders consolidate privileges"

While borders are becoming more permeable for the privileged, the globalisation paradigm of liquefying borders is an illusion for many people: Borders become more digitalized and fortified than ever, says Principal Investigator Steffen Mau in an interview discussing his new book, "Sortiermaschinen. Die Neuerfindung der Grenze im 21. Jahrhundert" (Sorting machines. The reinvention of the border in the 21st century). Read the full interview on Humboldt University press portal here. The interview is available in both German and English.

Listen to another interview with Steffen Mau on his book "Sortiermaschinen" on the public radio station Radioeins here and on the public radio station Deutschlandfunk Kultur here. Both audio interviews are available only in German. 

News from Aug 24, 2021

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