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#4 Automation and the Future of Work | 18 October 2021 | Aaron Benanav & Rebecca Ritters (Moderation)

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In the age of digital transformation, many experts predict the destruction of jobs due to artificial intelligence. The risk of job destruction may pose a problem for liberal societies. After all, it is not least the workplace that enables individual self-determination — the core promise of liberal societies. An income enables people to realise their life plans and participate in social and political life. Dr. Aaron Benanav, Academic Coordinator of the SCRIPTS research unit "(Re-)Allocation", disputes this automation thesis. He argues that the real causes of the problems in the labour market are not to be found in automation, but in weak economic growth as well as low productivity growth. But what are the consequences of the economy's weak engine for the future of work and individual self-determination?

Aaron Benanav, Academic Coordinator of the Reseach Unit "(Re-)Allocation" at SCRIPTS
Moderation: Rebecca Ritters, News Anchor and Reporter at Deutsche Welle News

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