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A 'Common Sense Revolution'? Eurosceptic Contestations in the European Parliament

Apr 01, 2019 — Dec 31, 2019

This research project studies contestations within the EU political system, namely that of Eurosceptic parties within European Parliament. The research focuses on how Eurosceptic contestations evolve within political institutions as well as how Eurosceptic party positions evolve at the EU and national level in the EP.

Given that political actors make choices in response to public opinion and that these subsequent choices are subjected to complex political processes within the EU, the research project will describe, measure, and map contestations, by analyzing:

1. Voting behavior

Do Eurosceptic parties in the European Parliament vote against European integration or for national interests? What patterns and country-party clusters emerge over time and across policies?

2. Parliamentary discourse

How do Eurosceptic members of the European Parliament position themselves on issues relating to, say, state structures (military, welfare) and rights (discrimination, citizenship)? Do they use provocative language and breach parliamentary rules more frequently than their peers?

The results should produce a better understanding of how and to what extent Eurosceptic parties will shape the EU in terms of policy and the functioning of the EU system itself.