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SCRIPTS Think Piece No. 17 by Jaša Veselinovič: The EU’s geoeconomic statecraft and the next Commission: the unsure fate of (in)formal changes in ‘geoeconomic policymaking’



The outgoing European Commission promised to be a ‘geopolitical’ one. Five years later, the EU’s ‘geoeconomic turn’ can be seen as one of the von der Leyen team’s main legacies. As Jaša Veselinovič argues in this Think Piece, this shift consists not only of new economic policy tools but also entailed changes and adaptations in the EU’s foreign policy-trade nexus. He states that even though requirements of geoeconomic policymaking induced numerous (in)formal adjustments, they remain only softly institutionalised – and that their fate (and more generally legitimacy) under the future new Commission remains uncertain.

News from Jun 14, 2024

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