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The book "Domestic Politics and Norm Diffusion in International Relations" by Principal Investigator Thomas Risse is now available as full open access

News from Sep 07, 2021

This book, subtitled "Ideas do not float freely", collects Thomas Risse's most important articles together in a single volume, which was published in 2018 by Routledge. Covering a wide range of issues – the end of the Cold War, transatlantic relations, the "democratic peace," human rights, governance in areas of limited statehood, Europeanization, European identity and public spheres, most recently comparative regionalism – it is testament to the breadth and excellence of Thomas Risse's work. The collection is organized thematically – domestic politics and international relations, international sources of domestic change, and the diffusion of ideas and institutions – and a new introductory essay provides additional coherence.

Read the book open access here.