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The World is not Denmark! Book Launch: Effective Governance Under Anarchy (Restricted Access)

Jun 21, 2021 | 02:00 PM - 03:30 PM

Policy-makers and academics have long promoted an agenda that sees well-governed, democratic and consolidated states in the Global North as the model for stabilisation efforts and development programmes. However, areas of limited statehood with weak and ineffective institutions can be found everywhere–and still be well-governed.

The newly published book “Effective Governance under Anarchy–Institutions, Legitimacy, and Social Trust in Areas of Limited Statehood”by Tanja A. Börzel and Thomas Risse compiles the debates of almost twenty years of research on governance in areas of limited statehood and identifies three factors that explain effective governance in fragile contexts: Fair and transparent institutions, legitimate rulers who are accepted by the population and social trust among community members.In time for the publication of the book, we want to ask ourselves whether the research of the past decades has been able to positively influence political practice.Which aspects of the research field are particularly important for policy makers now and in the upcoming years? What are the current political challenges in areas of limited statehood and impulses for research? After a brief introduction and critical reflection on the book, we will openly discuss these issues with each other.


Moderation: Dr. Gregor Walter-Drop, Director, Coordination Unit Knowledge Exchange on Foreign Policy, Freie Universität Berlin

14:00 Welcome & Introductory Statements

  • Prof. Dr. Thomas Risse, Director Berlin International College of Research and Graduate Training at SCRIPTS; Professor of International Politics, Freie Universität Berlin
  • Minister of State Niels Annen, German Federal Foreign Office
  • Benedetta Berti, PhD, Head, Policy Planning, Office of the Secretary General, NATO
  • Prof. Dr. Tanja A. Börzel, Director of SCRIPTS; Professor of Political Science, Freie Universität Berlin

14:30 Open Discussion

15:30 End of Event

Access to the event is limited to invited guests. Registrations are open to members of the Cluster.