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Climate crisis: What should the state prescribe, what not?

Principal Investigator and Cluster Professor Philipp Lepenies was interviewed by the public broadcaster WDR about his new book "Verbot und Verzicht. Politik aus dem Geiste des Unterlassens" (Prohibition and renunciation. Politics from the spirit of omission). In it, he criticises that the interfering state had become a bogeyman and that the orientation towards the common good has been lost in parts. This is a problem because renunciation and prohibition play an essential role in coping with the consequences of climate change. Philipp Lepenies attributes this development to the thinking of neoliberalism. Listen to the interview in German here.

SCRIPTS hosts a public discussion on this thesis in the event series "Futuring the Liberal Script" with Philipp Lepenies on Wednesday, 01 June 2022 (More information will follow).

News from Apr 11, 2022

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