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How long can we continue to defend for ourselves an ever greater freedom of movement, while at the same time denying more and more people the possibility of moving around?

"Ces deux dernières décennies, plus de murs ont été  construits qu’au cours du demisiècle précédent." (In the last two decades, more walls have been built than in the previous half-century.). Principal Investigator Steffen Mau was interviewed by French national newspaper Le Monde on his book "Sortiermaschinen" (Sorting Machines) published this year on the multiplication of border fortifications around the world. Mau points out that the reason for lifting walls is increasingly to combat the arrival of migrants. He speaks about the anti-migrant wall in Poland along its border with Belarus, borders as instruments of domestic politics and the privileges of international travel. Read the article (Paywall). Available only in French.

News from Nov 28, 2021

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