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Science in Translation: SCRIPTS Contribution to the Exhibition "Nach der Natur" in the Humboldt Forum

SCRIPTS invites public dialogue at the crossroads of science and society with an exhibition of its research agenda “in translation”: Why are contestations of the liberal script matters of acute political concern? Is this even relevant to society at large? How can we investigate and learn more?

SCRIPTS Interviews at the Humboldt Lab

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A documentary of the SCRIPTS contribution to the exhibition "After Nature" at the Humboldt Lab of Humboldt University Berlin. The film explains the research agenda of SCRIPTS and how its "Talking Wall" was created, a display of moving screens in parallel projections reflecting contestations and core promises of liberal script, along with interviews with SCRIPTS members.

An intensive phase of codeveloping a narrative approach to the SCRIPTS research agenda preceded the Cluster’s contribution to the exhibition “Nach der Natur” - curated by the Humboldt Labor and on show in the Humboldt Forum from May 2021. More than 80 video statements make up the “Talking Wall”, a kinetic multimedia display of moving screens in parallel projections that reflect contestations and core promises of the liberal script from the multiple disciplinary and regional perspectives of SCRIPTS members.

A lively conversation on research topics unfolds rather than a lecture-style “presentation” of SCRIPTS projects. The audience is invited to explore knowledge in the making and experience the liberal script as a complex set of core ideas, promises and practices that is only one among various other blueprints for organizing societies. This interactive space will be continuously updated with public programs to reflect ongoing conversations on SCRIPTS topics and ongoing research.