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#1 Degrees of Freedom | 05 May 2021 | Christoph Möllers, Jan-Werner Müller & Mariam Lau (Moderation)

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In the wake of new populisms, erosions of liberal values and political polarizations, the idea of freedom is one in need of theoretical and practical remapping. Christoph Möllers and political theorist Jan-Werner Müller discuss Möllers’ book “Degrees of Freedom” (Freiheitsgrade, Suhrkamp Verlag 2020) live from the silent green. What if freedom is permanent political negotiation rather than applied political mechanics of core liberal ideas? What kind of future and resilient political scenarios for democratic societies emerge, if freedom is conceived not as an unshakable core but as a practice and open ended process of a liberalism in the making?

Christoph Möllers, SCRIPTS, Professor of Public Law and Jurisprudence, Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin
Jan-Werner Müller, Visiting Fellow SCRIPTS, Roger Williams Straus Professor of Social Sciences, Princeton University
Mariam Lau, Journalist, Die Zeit (Moderation)

In cooperation with Suhrkamp Verlag and silent green.
Language: German