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Dr. Claudia Rauhut

Claudia Rauhut

IRC Post-doctoral Fellow

Freie Universität Berlin

Boltzmannstraße 20
Room OG 333
14195 Berlin

Slavery, Liberalism and Historical Responsibility: Redressing Global-Historical Entanglements between Europe and the Caribbean

As a Social Anthropologist and Political Scientist I have been working at the Institute of Latin American Studies at Freie Universität Berlin for 10 years. Combining micro-level empirically grounded research with postcolonial approaches on global history, I focus on the long-term legacies of European colonialism, transatlantic slave trade and plantation slavery in the Caribbean, Latin America and the US. I`m interested in how this heritage is identified today and turned into a matter of redress by different actors in the field of social movements, politics of memory and history, religion, material and immaterial heritage.

  • Political Anthropology
  • Postcolonial Politics of Memory and History
  • African-Caribbean-European entanglements
  • When the Slavery Past haunts the Present: the Jamaican Redress of a Bank Loan related to the End of Slavery. In: Slavery Past, Present and Future. Edited by Karen E. Bravo, David James Wilkins and Polina Smiragina. Leiden: Brill, Global Slavery Series (forthcoming)
  • Enfrentando los legados de la esclavitud en el marco de reparación: el reclamo del Caribe anglófono. En: Coloquio de Estudios Afroamericanos, La Habana (forthcoming)
  • The link of a former British Prime Minister’s ancestor to Caribbean Slavery Economy in the current call for reparations in Jamaica. In: Cherishing the Past, Envisioning the Future. Entangled Practises of Heritage and Utopia in the Americas. Edited by Olaf Kaltmeier, Mirko Petersen, Wilfried Raussert, and Julia Roth (in press)
  • (with Manuela Boatcă). Globale Ungleichheiten in der longue durée: Kolonialismus, Sklaverei und Forderungen nach Wiedergutmachung. In: Globale Ungleichheit. Über Zusammenhänge von Kolonialismus, Arbeitsverhältnissen und Naturverbrauch. Hrsg. Karin Fischer und Margarete Grandner. Wien: Mandelbaum Verlag, Buchreihe „Gesellschaft – Entwicklung – Politik“ 2019, pp. 91-107.
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