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Affiliation as Guest Researchers

The Cluster of Excellence "Contestations of the Liberal Script - SCRIPTS" is interested in affiliating externally funded researchers at different career levels.

SCRIPTS welcomes researchers starting from the postdoctoral level with project initiatives that are targeted at excellence funding programmes (e.g. Emmy Noether; ERC starting or consolidator grants etc.). Guest researchers who are still in the process of applying for excellence funding can apply for affiliation with the Cluster and gain support in the application process.

Researchers with funding of their own can submit their applications directly via E-Mail. The detailed procedure for each type of candidate is explained below.

1. Affiliation of guest researchers in the process of application for funding

The applicant has to search for an expert mentor among the SCRIPTS Principal Investigators who provides substantive support during the application phase and who is willing to supervise the project subsequently. An overview of SCRIPTS Principal Investigators can be found here.


If the applicant has found a mentor within SCRIPTS, the draft proposal is submitted electronically to the BIRT Director by the SCRIPTS mentor who has agreed to supervise the project via irc@scripts-berlin.eu. Decisions are made based on the quality of the proposed project, as well as the availability of resources to provide an adequate supervision and working environment. Further, the following selection criteria will be applied in the assessment of the proposal:

  1. academic excellence
  2. compatibility with the SCRIPTS programme and RU agenda(s)
  3. plurality of perspectives in SCRIPTS (esp. academic discipline, research content and focus area)
  4. special eligibility of support or specific reservations as regards gender and diversity (esp. priority for international partners and candidates from the global South)

Should the project proposal receive a positive assessment, it must be further developed in consultation with the SCRIPTS mentor. The proposal must then be presented to the SCRIPTS Board by the applicant (in person) before its final submission. Details on how the presentation is to be conducted will be communicated individually in case of a successful application.

2. Affiliation of guest researchers with their own funding


Applicants, doctoral, postdoctoral and senior researchers, who have their own funding to undertake a research stay at SCRIPTS are asked to send their proposals to the BIRT Director via irc@scripts-berlin.eu. The application should include the following documents:

  • CV
  • List of publications
  • Research plan for the duration of the stay

The feasibility of an affiliation depends on the availability to provide adequate supervision and working environment. Furthermore, the quality of the project proposal is assessed based on the criteria mentioned in the previous section.