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Research Assistant (Postdoc - m/f/d): Full-time Job (Limited to 1 year), 13 TV-L FU, Reference Code: SCRIPTS Afrika PostDoc

Application deadline: 01.02.2021

In African societies, as in all world regions, various concepts of order collide and different scripts compete with each other. The post-doc position will be based at the newly established W-3 professorship “Contemporary Politics and Societies in Africa” at the Otto Suhr Institute of Freie Universität Berlin. In their research and teaching, they will be exploring parallel and competing concepts of order and scripts in contemporary African societies on multiple scales (local, national, transnational), and related dynamics of social transformation and political authority.
The Africa professorship and the associated academic positions will be closely linked to the Cluster of Excellence "Contestations of the Liberal Script" (SCRIPTS, http://www.scripts-berlin.eu ). The establishment of an Africa research area is an absolute priority for the cluster and also for the Department of Political and Social Sciences. An essential structural feature of the Cluster of Excellence SCRIPTS is the connection between comparative social sciences and regional studies, with special emphasis on translocal, transnational and transregional interdependencies. These and the central research questions relating to the status of the liberal model of order with a global claim suggest a worldwide area of investigation. It is the declared aim of the Cluster Initiative to investigate the challenge of the liberal script in all major world regions.

News from Dec 21, 2020

Job description:

  • Participate in Cluster - research on current debates about changing norms and governance between the poles of global and local crises, regionally focused on Africa
  • Active further development of current debates (e.g. on authoritarian populism, re-traditionalisation, postcolonialism) from an Africa-focused perspective
  • Development of an independent research project within the thematic framework of the cluster with empirical focus on Africa


  • Successfully completed doctorate in a social science subject (political science, international relations, regional studies or similar)


  • Good knowledge in the field of research of the cluster, especially in current debates on the change of norms and governance in the field of tension of global-local crises, authoritarian populism, re-traditionalisation and postcolonialism
  • Experience in independently conducting research in sub-Saharan Africa
  • Good knowledge of empirical research methods
  • Experience in managing research projects
  • Experience in independently running university courses
  • Very good written and oral language skills in English and at least one other language relevant to the African continent
  • Communication and team skills, intercultural and gender awareness

For further information, please contact Mrs. Prof. Dr. Bettina Engels (bettina.engels@fu-berlin.de / 030 838 70989 ).

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